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EXPERT Do you speak English

Expert geniality show je vedomostná súťaž pre žiakov 5. – 9. ročníka ZŠ a všetkých typov stredných škôl. V tomto roku oslavuje už 15 rokov.

Pri príležitosti osláv pätnástych narodenín našej súťaže máš jedinečnú šancu vyskúšať si bezplatne krátky testík. Zabavíš sa a možno sa aj niečo nové naučíš.

Kvíz Experta: English

Vyskúšaj si 10 otázok a zisti čo vieš z Angličtiny. Začni kliknutím na tlačítko Ďalej.


EXPERT Do you speak English
EXPERT Do you speak English

#1. Which word can we fill in the gap to make a meaningful sentence?

You won’t understand the second part if you haven’t seen the _____ film.


#2. Read the following description of the online game Arm Surgery 2.

It’s your first day of work at St. Flak’s Hospital. A patient with a bump on her arm is brought in. First, the nurse takes her to the X-ray. Your objective is to successfully operate on her broken arm afterwards. If your actions are quick and efficient, your patient will be back to good health in no time. However, if you are too slow or make too many mistakes, the patient can become too unstable to continue with the operation – and you will fail.

What do you need to do to succeed in the game?


#3. Katie said: “Now I can pack effectively, but when I started going on business trips, I used to take everything but the kitchen sink”. What did she mean?


#4. Some Australian English words, like kangaroo, boomerang or budgerigar (budgie), have become international. However, they are not originally English – they come from the language of native Australians. What do we call these people?


#5. Below is some information about Skype Online English Courses.

Your course is managed by your Personal Course Director, who works closely with your teacher. Your Personal Course Director contacts you regularly during your course to make sure that you are happy with your lessons and to give you feedback on how your English is improving. Before you start, you will have a full pre-course assessment with your Personal Course Director to make sure that your lessons focus on exactly what you want to achieve. This assessment is free-of-charge.
Assessment interview with Personal Course Director
Skills evaluation including course programme advice
Custom-made course programme for your personal goals
Regular check-up tutorials with Personal Course Director
Course certificate including level of achievement (CEFR scale)

Which of the following statements is true?


#6. Read the following part of a dialogue. What does the underlined phrase mean?

Chef: Today I have cooked more than a hundred meals. The customers were very picky! First, the food was too cold, then too hot… I’m so fed up with their complaints!


#7. In which sentence is the word speechless covered?


#8. Which statement about Mahatma Gandhi is true?


#9. In which sentence is the phrase not to mention used correctly?


#10. What is the missing word in the sentence?

Good grammar is ____ personal hygiene – you can ignore it if you want, but don’t be surprised when people draw their conclusion.


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EXPERT Do you speak English

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